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Schnucks Markets

Schnucks is a regional supermarket chain that continues to grow though providing both local and national consumers with fresh and packaged products.


Weekly Circular Production


Lead Production Designer / Co-Customer Service Representative

WAs part of a cross-company partinership, I was tasked with understanding the current workflow and labor associated with the production portion of the weekly circular. Soon after, the bulk of the production was brought to my department to streamline and refine that process and work load. Working with both internal and client team members, we developed a strict but efficent timeline and workflow for all parties to follow. I created an internal training system for team members working on this specific portion of the job and routinely met with the client to further refine the process based on changing needs and goals. 

Weekly duties include versioning out provided art and prices based on regions, facilitating asset questions, and assisting client with a variety of ad specific needs.

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