Sustainable sales endcaps that keep

small stores competitive

for customers


Valu Merchandisers Company 

Valu Merchandisers Company provides cost effective General Merchandise programs, staffed by retail-oriented associates, which provide product and services at a lower cost than alternative suppliers, allowing retailers to compete with all classes of trade.


Endcap Program with POS Collateral 


Lead Designer / Art Director

Created and developed visual language for a three-part, monthly sales program targeted at small to mid sized retailers. Program incentive was based on price incentives to the retailer with quality designed, advertising signage to attract retail customers. Program was created in six month increments and included development of main header cards, pricing cards, side panels, blade signs, and trade show collateral to promote program to retailers. The program has since garnered such success that the client has product manufacturers provide program specific marketing graphics for the system.

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